Where to go to rest on may holidays

In Russia there is a tradition to massively relax twice a year (in addition to vacation and, for many, summer vacation) – on New Year’s and may holidays.

For those who are not willing to spend may on the seedbeds, every year the question arises – and where, in fact, we can go on holiday for the may holidays? For so many holidays in may is not only 1, 2 and 9 may, and all ten or twelve days from late April to 10 may. And this is sufficient time for a full tour somewhere far to the beach or on excursions.

Please note, in Indonesia during the may holidays will be quite good weather: Indonesia is not only Bali, and absolutely not only Bali. A great option where to go for may: Jakarta Borobudur temple on Java island – day hike in the volcanic Dieng plateau and enjoy views of the volcanoes and lakes – and then fly to Bali or Lombok and a week to spend on a calm and beautiful beaches of these magical Islands.

We should not forget about China: while touring in China on may holidays and is not recommended (the Chinese EN masse to celebrate Labor Day – may day, and crowds of Chinese people on the streets – it’s something), it was too good weather at this time in China, just perfect for tourism. Maybe a combo trip of Beijing-Shanghai-Hainan island will be quite good. Another option: a tour through the mountains of China . Not for climbers, and just take a walk in nature, to gasp from the fantastic panoramas, walk around the small existing monasteries scattered in the mountains somewhere in Sichuan, chat with Buddhist monks – despite the high level of urbanization of the country has preserved its traditions, and nature still awesome.

At the may holidays also begins the season in Mongolia.

Korea: how South and North – just perfect for the weather season. Spring is in full swing, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, everything is green. In South Korea many festivals, North Korea also notes Labor Day – the streets are decorated, people elegant beauty. If you are thinking about a trip to the East during the may holidays (not to swim, and to see the world), we note Korea and Japan.

In Japan, after all, may’s great weather too: still no rain, but not cold. It should be noted that now (this year and the next year or two) in Japan reduced prices for travel services – perhaps this is your chance to see the Country of the Rising Sun. Don’t wait for summer – summer in Japan is very humid and cloudy.

Iran: it’s surprisingly quiet and peaceful country with Patriarchal traditions, is simply magnificent ancient architecture, diverse natural landscape and very hospitable people. May day is an ideal time for traveling to Iran: summer heat yet, but there is no winter and snow. Flowering gardens, creeks and fountains, the clear sky and just stunning monuments and iconic landmarks: the ancient Isfahan, Persepolis, real Persian rugs, sea vegetables (even in spring!), unforgettable kebab and, once again, surprisingly calm friendly atmosphere within the country. Here you will get to visit during your short but eventful trip. It should be noted that tours to Iran is not so expensive, especially compared with the cost of travel to Southeast Asia (especially because of the cost of the tickets).

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