Unusual holidays in different countries

6Every country has its holidays, customs and traditions. Some of the holidays foreigners can simply type in a state of shock, so they are unusual and unfamiliar to him.

Strange culinary world holidays

For example, in Iceland in January each year there is a festival dedicated to eating real food of the Vikings who lived in his time on the territory of the state. If you are gourmets, you will receive a real pleasure from the sheep’s stomach filled frozen sheep’s blood. In addition, you can quench your thirst potato schnapps, to taste shark or whale meat. But in Serbia there is a day when on the grill cooking a huge piece of tasty sausage. The people of Tibet marks an interesting holiday – the day of yogurt.

In Hokitika celebrated annually not less strange holiday festival, which is dedicated to eating wild food. That’s really where the real Paradise for gourmets: the festival you can taste the sausage made from the penis of a bull, eyes of the sheep, larvae, crickets.

Unusual festivals

Not so long ago in Havana began to hold a festival dedicated to the cigars. It is a unique opportunity to investigate the most expensive cigars, visit plantations, which grow elite varieties of tobacco, as well as a factory-rolled cigars. And who knows, maybe in you dormant talent cruciality cigars?

Also in the world there are lots of festivals and celebrations that are devoted exclusively to animals. For example, each year celebrated in Laos elephants. On this day the streets with parades, which are attended by trained elephants, sedately walking in the most beautiful outfits. Thereafter, the race of elephants, choose the Queen and king of the elephants.

But in South Africa it also includes such holiday, except that the main characters there are whales. And most interesting is that the whales as if aware that this is their holiday and they are all very close to shore, let the fountains, frolic and flaunt.

No less strange a place on our planet – the Mexican lake Catemaco. That’s really what the place is very strange. As soon as the spring begins, on the lake begin to arrange their covens and gatherings of witches, sorcerers and witches. It is also interesting that anyone for a fee can be cured suffer from his illness and ailments, to charm Mr. right or Ms. right, put a spell on one of his detractors.

In Amsterdam went even further in holding unusual holidays – every year, they organize a festival of cannabis. On this holiday everyone can taste different varieties of cannabis. You will also be able to take a NAP, if necessary.

In San Diego summer, spend no less original and interesting zombie parade. Residents of the town put on a wedding garment, which stain red paint, put on a face mask and walk like zombies.

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Unusual holidays of the world

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