The Most beautiful castles of the world

French masterpiece of the Renaissance

On the territory of France is home to many castles, claiming the title of the most beautiful, but the first among them is the castle of Chambord – an architectural masterpiece of the Renaissance and the most recognizable building among their own kind.

This magnificent building is situated among dense forests, in which, as in the time of the founding of the castle (beginning of the XVI century), wildlife and songbirds. Once on the site of the castle there were only swamps, but these places were attracted to the French king Francis I, who gave the order to build such a magnificent structure. And though the stormy life of the Royal court in the castle of Chambord was leaking very rarely (only on major holidays), this does not detract from the structure itself, as one of the most beautiful in terms of architecture.

A lot of turrets bizarre shapes, Dormer Windows and chimneys on the roof give the castle a fantastic view. No less elegant and luxurious castle and looks inside, where the attention of tourists attracted to the drawbridges, the harmonious proportions of the rooms and the famous spiral staircase of Chambord, which creates the illusion of transparency and lightness.

The German fairy tale of all times

The number of ancient castles Germany can compete even with France, but most of them are more difficult than their French brethren. Yielding to the castles of France in terms of popularity, German structures stand out for their elegance and fabulousness. The Germans claim that the most beautiful castles are located in their country. It’s hard to argue with that, regardless of magical magnificence Neuschwanstein castle.

The building – the embodiment of childhood dreams of the mysterious, reclusive and the most romantic of the Bavarian king Louis II. Giving all his time to the construction of the castle, Krol lost sleep, stopped eating and even lost his throne (Louis II was placed in a home for lunatics, where he soon died under strange circumstances), but his work is admirable.

Decades of Neuschwanstein were rising in a beautiful and remote corner of the Alps and could be even more beautiful if its founder unexpectedly passed away. However, it is difficult to imagine this castle even more perfect. Ironically, the place where Ludwig II wanted to hide from people today come crowded throngs of tourists to see the beauty, harmony with the natural landscape.

The Swiss rock

Switzerland is famous not only the most reliable banks in the world, but disputes with other countries their right to call here the medieval fortress is the most beautiful castles in the world. As an example of such magnificence the Swiss call Chillon castle (translated into Russian – Stone platform), built on the shores of the stunning lake Geneva. The beauty of this building was fascinated even George Byron, who described the building in his famous poem “prisoner of Chillon”. The time that the poet chose for his work, was not the best in the history of the castle – then there was the state prison.

But the heyday of the castle came three centuries earlier, when the territory of a military garrison controlled the main road between the mountains and the lake, called “European silk road”. SBIR tribute from traveling merchants and protecting them on their journey, the soldiers from the castle of Chillon invested in the development of this ideal Outpost.

In our days for tourists are available in 25 buildings and three courtyards, make up the castle complex. Above them stands proudly main tower B25 meters, towering above the other sentinels buildings. In the castle, too, is something to see. Here and old chapel with a painting of the fourteenth century, and pompous halls for receptions and celebrations, and living rooms, once used to serve as the princes and counts, as well as many prison cells in the basement of the castle.

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