The Carnivals of different countries

Carnival in Switzerland

Who would have thought – quietest in Switzerland, in happy suburban Lucerne is held. Carnival of monsters. Lucerne is a romantic medieval town.

And it is clear that in the middle ages, dragons and goblins lived there. The whole year people sew their own costumes for horror movies, thrillers.Or simply draw inspiration from genetic memory.

Carnival in Germany

In Germany the season of the most diverse carnivals lasts almost all year round. And everyone will find fun to taste! Fishing enthusiasts, for example, come from all over Europe to Fish carnival. The highlight of the holiday – food. Almost a kilometer stretch tables Laden with fish and fish snack. Lots of beer, lots of fun.

And you can get on Walpurgis night. But only if you devilishly uninhibited! Because on this night the witches fly on a broom, devils jump over the fire and so on, But it’s not scary, but very fun.

Carnival in France

Followed by a trip from Germany to the South. French is nice carnival with a floral twist. Who likes to plant flowers in the country, play the game “floral flirt” – farewell! However, too, not just the event. First, it is nice, stylish and fashionable. And secondly, during the day you go masquerade parades, and at night concerts; as if feet not to lose, keeping up with everywhere.

Carnival in Italy

Universally famous Italian carnival of Viareggio. This small quiet town three days is hopping. The residents have fun, make noise, sing, call friends for treats. And even the tourist can cut the sausages and pour a pile.So it makes sense to wrap in Viareggio a day or three. This voyage is very cheer.

Carnival in the UK

And proud of what the Anglo-Saxons? In the UK in fashion Nottinghill carnival. Regla, Calypso and other El Bimba fills in neighborhoods populated by immigrants from Latin America. Everybody dances, and even Bobby (cops) danced.

Carnival in Greece

Well, in Greece the capital of carnival – Patra. In a festive procession in the same row are banks and schools, and city hall, and restaurants. Chimney sweeps, bears, dolls, devils in human growth, orchestras. All night residents and tourists buzzing restaurant in the truest sense of the word, that is a very loud blow trumpets and thundering drums. The noise is terrible, and because the Patra – campus student, you can imagine how well this “combined” with lectures.

Carnival in Brazil

Finally, the famous Brazil and the most important carnival in the world Rio de Janeiro.

Opens the carnival parade of Samba schools. The best dancers show their skills on the streets. And the one who is not a dancer, but just half-naked man in sequins and feathers – he is also a member of the carnival. It’s Rio – so underdressed citizens there are in the order of things.

With thundering bands passing decorated carnival floats, puppets in human growth. All the buzzes, roars, chirps. Spectators watch it all from the stands or, or from the balconies of houses. The festival ends traditionally – all couples have naclonales, all the spectators were typed and some were pointing to each other bruises. But the experience is for a lifetime.

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