Russian arts festival

Pereslavl Museum-reserve, Moscow Union of Artists, international art Studio “Palette XXI century”, City library Association of Pereslavl represent Russian art festival “Pereslavl autumn”.

Arts festival, organized by the Pereslavl Museum-reserve on the initiative of the Moscow Union of Artists, is held in Pereslavl-Zalessky for the third year. In the beginning it was dedicated to Honey and Apple to the Rescue, and since 2014 is called “Pereslavl autumn”. Autumn for artists – the final of the creative year, plein air, reflection, understanding of themselves in the world and the world in itself. In Pereslavl nature autumn is the season of the most vivid, memorable, exciting creative impulses and revelations.

Every year the festival is growing, attracting new participants. This year one of the highlights of the Festival will be the opening of the exhibition Pereslavl artists on 3 September at 16.00 in the Cultural-exhibition centre of Pereslavl Museum. The exhibition runs until 14 September, don’t miss. Within the exhibition there will be held meetings with artists, musicians. 11 September at 16.00 there will be a concert of the creative team on “the edge” under the direction of N. Purvinas.

The next event of the Festival will be a large-scale project of the International creative workshop “Palette XXI century” (Moscow). 6 September at 15.00 hours in the exhibition hall of the Central library. A. P. Malashenko will open the exhibition “Touch – Etudes September”. The exhibition will feature works by artists photocollages that, by using different materials, techniques and methods of execution, convey your emotions, feelings, a sense of peace. Will not leave anyone indifferent collectible toys, and crafts. In the framework of the exhibition project will be held master classes for all comers.

An important component of the festival – exhibition of Moscow artists, the opening of which will take place in the Art gallery. D. N. Kardovsky (Museum lane 4) 6 September at 16.00. Here are exhibited the works of authors belonging to different art directions, to different age groups, so the exhibition demonstrates the diversity of styles, of individual manners, tastes, attitudes. Bright colorful paintings are combined with sincerely-lyrical, landscape motifs are replaced by still lifes, paintings of pure nature – views of towns, sculptures – glass. This rapidly changing kaleidoscope of themes, stories, colors and kinds of art makes the exhibition interesting and attractive.

The exhibition presents the works of the participants of the previous festivals (E. A. Afanasyeva, V. Babin, A. L. Bobrusov, V. A. Bubnov, N. Volikov’s and T. Novikova, E. I. Gorina, N. Komarov, M. A. Trunov, I. A. Martz, A. D. and N. And. Mochalsky, O. A. Pushkarev, E. V. Romashko, V. A. Riabovol, L. Sapozhnikov-Duk, V. Soldatov, E. A. Seitova, V. N. Shcherbina-Siberian, M. S. Esmont) and authors showing their works in our city for the first time (A. V. Bubnov-Tsitsianov, A. Vaganov, V. S. Goshko, M. Draznin, O. A. Karelitz, A. Yu., Korovin, T. and M. J. Levko, A. and N. And. Lubavin, N. Blue, A. Stasiuk, E. M. Surova, V. N. Filippenko, V. Chmielewski, G. A. Shumakova, M. S. V. Shchepetov). Participants of the exhibition project – known masters as well as young and talented artists, best proven in exhibition activities.

The main concept of the exhibition and festival of the arts is generally built around the feeling of the times in which we live and exist. Raising the problem of how it is, this time, is correlated with the eternal values of life, the traditions bequeathed by preceding generations, the exhibition highlights the possible presence of art in the context of contemporary issues and offering to the public works by artists who not only have high professional skills, but also relate their work with the realities of modern life.

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