The biggest festivals in the world

Large-scale festivals in the world to visit

Once a year in some parts of the world come special days – bright, magical, and slightly crazy carnivals. Some, such as Brazilian carnival or the Spanish running of the bulls is well known to all; but you could never hear.

Many major festivals and holidays attract not only the huge number of local residents, but also many tourists. It is understandable, because it’s hard to think of a better way to feel the atmosphere and culture of a country than to visit traditional holiday.

Some of them are not only surprisingly large, but also extremely unusual in themselves.

And if you like “to party”, we present you 18 the most inimitable and large-scale festivals from around the world.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

February 28 – March 4

Like Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – it’s a party in non-stop mode, only in the Brazilian style, which is a seemingly endless parade of Samba and colorful costumes.

September – October

Despite the fact that there are different, smaller-scale counterparts of this festival around the world, Munich’s traditional event is the largest beer festival in the world.

March 27

Holi, also known as the Festival of colors, marks Continue reading

Carnival in nice.

We must pay tribute to the French – they know how to entertain and amuse. Numerous holidays in France – festivals, carnivals, masked balls – not only diverse, but carefully preserve the ancient traditions, by improving them continuously. Carnival in nice is one of the oldest parties in contemporary Europe.

And the opportunity to see this unforgettable show is worth it to come to nice in February and see this crazy floral extravaganza, which is carnival.

How it all began?

History of the carnival originates from the 13th century, when the notorious Duke of Anjou decided to spend a nice few days. According to the tradition of the time, visiting the best of the high guest was accompanied by the unbridled joy that here and covered the entire city. Balls followed by fireworks, masquerades and dancing mimes and theatre performances.

The Church, whose views at the time was very powerful, was righteously indignant. But the people of the city the holiday so much that he ceased to exist with the departure of the famous Duke – brother of the king of France. Moreover, since that time future annual carnival has evolved and acquired many traditions.

The flower festival carnival in nice, he was already in the 19th century, when the city was arranged the procession Continue reading

Holidays Scotland

Holidays in Scotland are a vibrant cultural mix of specific observances (among them, for example, the birthday of Scottish poet), traditional Celtic holidays (these include Walpurgis night) and other unexpected incidents.

The most interesting holidays Scotland :

In many countries, where historical cultures preserved Celtic tradition or where really strong interest in Celtic history, Celtic festivals of culture.

Scotland in this sense is no exception — the local festival takes place in Glasgow from 12 to 30 January and is called Celtic Connections.

Annually within the framework of this event there are hundreds of various events devoted to the peculiarities of Celtic culture, dances, music, and traditions.

Here You can imagine that the birthday of Alexander Pushkin . widely considered a national literary treasure of Russia, was declared a national public holiday?

But the Scots to are proud of and love their national poet Robert burns . who lived in the second half of the eighteenth century that announced his birthday — January 25 — national holiday of your country! How it is accepted to celebrate such an unusual event?

It is usually assumed family dinner (Burns Supper), the menu includes Scottish cuisine: Haggis, turnips, potatoes, granichen, whiskey.

Often in this day hosts theatrical Continue reading


Halloween is a holiday of ghosts, witches, vampires and other evil spirits, who recently “loud” was celebrated only in the USA, and now becomes more and more popular in Europe and countries of the former USSR.

What is interesting, we know about this holiday and where did it originated?

Halloween is one of the oldest in the world. Its history is measured in millennia.

It originates from the traditions of the ancient Celts of Scotland and Ireland, which was famous for its festivals, and the Roman Pomona Day (known as the goddess of plants), and the Christian all saints Day.

Halloween is very interesting in its essence, it combines the Celtic tradition of spirit celebration and Christian tradition of worship of all the saints.

From the old pagan holiday, we went to fascinating rites and traditions. which we describe in the next article.

On 31 October, the eve of all saints Day was decided to organize masquerades, festivals, parties, dress up in costumes of evil spirits. A mandatory attribute of the holiday are unusual lamps, which are decorated indoors and outdoors.

Halloween and regional differences with his celebration

Despite the fact that Halloween in recent years has spread throughout the world, there Continue reading

Interesting holidays of the world

Annual religious holidays move about the Grand mufti of Tunisia inform the public in advance. Unlike all other Muslim countries, the weekend in Tunisia, not Friday, and Sunday. On Saturdays in most government agencies shortened working day.

A variety of festivals and celebrations is huge for such a small country. Every year it is held 340 various international Festivals and local significance. Most holidays and festivals falls in summer and autumn (June to November).

One who won world renown festivals held in the town of El Jam near Mahdia. It is an international festival of symphonic music . and it lasts for a month — from 14 July to 14 August. Amazing concerts happen at the Coliseum. They are held in the evening and night time, under the shining of the stars and the glow of torches. You will have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy the music of famous performers and Symphony orchestras around the world, majestically sounding quiet summer nights in an ancient Roman Coliseum.

An exciting festival takes place in Monastir from 15 July to 15 August under the name of the international Festival of arts «Sunny Mediterranean summer” . It is a festival of theater, poetry, satire. On open sites and in the walls of an ancient monastery, now a Museum, are the most Continue reading

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