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Unusual holidays in different countries

6Every country has its holidays, customs and traditions. Some of the holidays foreigners can simply type in a state of shock, so they are unusual and unfamiliar to him.

Strange culinary world holidays

For example, in Iceland in January each year there is a festival dedicated to eating real food of the Vikings who lived in his time on the territory of the state. If you are gourmets, you will receive a real pleasure from the sheep’s stomach filled frozen sheep’s blood. In addition, you can quench your thirst potato schnapps, to taste shark or whale meat. But in Serbia there is a day when on the grill cooking a huge piece of tasty sausage. The people of Tibet marks an interesting holiday – the day of yogurt.

In Hokitika celebrated annually not less strange holiday festival, which is dedicated to eating wild food. That’s really where the real Paradise for gourmets: the festival you can taste the sausage made from the penis of a bull, eyes of the sheep, larvae, crickets.

Unusual festivals

Not so long ago in Havana began to hold a festival dedicated to the cigars. It is a unique opportunity to investigate the most expensive cigars, visit plantations, which grow elite varieties of tobacco, as well as a factory-rolled cigars. And who knows, maybe in you dormant talent cruciality cigars?

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Russian arts festival

Pereslavl Museum-reserve, Moscow Union of Artists, international art Studio “Palette XXI century”, City library Association of Pereslavl represent Russian art festival “Pereslavl autumn”.

Arts festival, organized by the Pereslavl Museum-reserve on the initiative of the Moscow Union of Artists, is held in Pereslavl-Zalessky for the third year. In the beginning it was dedicated to Honey and Apple to the Rescue, and since 2014 is called “Pereslavl autumn”. Autumn for artists – the final of the creative year, plein air, reflection, understanding of themselves in the world and the world in itself. In Pereslavl nature autumn is the season of the most vivid, memorable, exciting creative impulses and revelations.

Every year the festival is growing, attracting new participants. This year one of the highlights of the Festival will be the opening of the exhibition Pereslavl artists on 3 September at 16.00 in the Cultural-exhibition centre of Pereslavl Museum. The exhibition runs until 14 September, don’t miss. Within the exhibition there will be held meetings with artists, musicians. 11 September at 16.00 there will be a concert of the creative team on “the edge” under the direction Continue reading

The Most spectacular festivals in the world

Especially for avid travelers, where tourism is not about admiring the colorful scenery and ancient architecture, influential publication “The Forbes” published a ranking of the most colorful, flamboyant, exciting holidays of the world. The rating publication included the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans, the Munich Oktoberfest, and more.

Photo “The Forbes”

So, in the first place among deserving your visiting to the holidays, according to the wording “The Forbes”, is the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, which is held annually in the Brazilian capital on 2-5 February.

The history of carnival in Rio starts from the middle of the 19th century, and its tradition is rooted in the European middle Ages. Today, the carnival is an extravaganza of music, dance, theatrical performances, which annually brings together hundreds of thousands of Brazilians and tourists.

In the second position of the rating – carnival “Mardi Gras” (from the French. – fat Tuesday), which is annually held February 2-5 in New Orleans.

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Interesting traditions of the peoples of the world

Life is interesting in itself, and the presence in it of various holidays and traditions make it even brighter. In each country, and sometimes in each city, there are a number of habits and rituals prevalent among the population. Their diversity is a genuine interest, because many of the existing traditions have ancient roots, and compliance with them is sometimes like a theatrical performance. Of course, many traditions of the peoples of the world formed on the basis of ancient and modern beliefs of a country.

The traditions of the peoples of the world

1. India is one of the most religious countries in the world. Almost every day there are the ceremonies for the deities, recall their exploits, they are offerings. This great living tradition, which is accompanied by a daily mini-rituals. Major holidays are distinguished by their brightness and spontaneity. One of the most cheerful and interesting can be called the birthday of Lord Ganesha – son of Shiva’s elephant-headed. The main tradition of this event, which takes place in August-September, is the preparation of various sweets, which are presented to the deity and then eaten in the whole family.

2. Colorful and can be called the traditions associated with the celebration of the Birthday of the Buddha. So, the ancient custom of celebrating in Japan suggested pouring Buddha statue-child sweet tea. Today, as a rule, this Continue reading

Gifts for two that you can give the couple?

We all know how hard it is sometimes to choose a great gift for the holiday. Difficulties can be caused by many factors: you are uncomfortable with a person you have a large age difference, you do not understand the scope of his/her interests. Even a close relative, such as mum or dad. may confound the uncertainty of tastes. And what can we say about work colleagues, bosses, classmates, and other friends with whom you communicate on duty, but not related personal relationships. But even this is not the limit – don’t forget about gifts for the couple. Not often we happen to attend the event, where the heroes of the day are 2 people at once. For example, we often do not know what to give the newlyweds a wedding or something to present to the anniversary of the relationship. So, how best to proceed if we are to find romantic gifts for two?

With Bodo it’s real! We have not only a romantic gift for your loved ones. but purely entertaining, and even creative activities for young couples spouses or lovers. Choosing a gift experience for two, think first about what we live and breathe the recipients of a gift, what a lifestyle than a hobby. These little things will help to make “profile”.

Choose that you can give a pair

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