Interesting holidays of the world

Annual religious holidays move about the Grand mufti of Tunisia inform the public in advance. Unlike all other Muslim countries, the weekend in Tunisia, not Friday, and Sunday. On Saturdays in most government agencies shortened working day.

A variety of festivals and celebrations is huge for such a small country. Every year it is held 340 various international Festivals and local significance. Most holidays and festivals falls in summer and autumn (June to November).

One who won world renown festivals held in the town of El Jam near Mahdia. It is an international festival of symphonic music . and it lasts for a month — from 14 July to 14 August. Amazing concerts happen at the Coliseum. They are held in the evening and night time, under the shining of the stars and the glow of torches. You will have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy the music of famous performers and Symphony orchestras around the world, majestically sounding quiet summer nights in an ancient Roman Coliseum.

An exciting festival takes place in Monastir from 15 July to 15 August under the name of the international Festival of arts «Sunny Mediterranean summer” . It is a festival of theater, poetry, satire. On open sites and in the walls of an ancient monastery, now a Museum, are the most interesting concerts and performances for adults and children. Musicians, dancers, singers gather in Monastir from all over the world.

The end of autumn — not too hot weather and well suited for excursions to the Sahara desert. With deserts involves a whole series of events presented by the Festival of the Oases in the Tozer — 3 to 6 November.

From 8 to 11 November, the Festival of the Sahara. It is particularly interesting to the travellers, romantics, those who love the vast expanses of dunes, serene beauty and Majesty of the Sahara. Duz — it is the gateway to the desert, offer the traveler to see the unique and amazing painting traditions of the people of the desert. You will see how the nomads digitouch on horses and camels, throw and catch shotguns, dance, portraying a traditional Tunisian wedding. Also you will witness traditional racing dromedaries — one-humped African camels.

Immediately after the Festival of Sahara in Douz, in the Court of celebrating the Day of Tourism in the Sahara — November 12.

Interesting Festival of the desert Castles . taking place from 11 to 17 March in tataouine. The program includes a demonstration of traditional crafts, exhibitions of national costumes, folk music concerts and sports events such as horse racing fiery Arab horses, competitions, athletes, marathon 100 km.

Aesthetes will particularly appreciate the Festival of flowers citrus . taking place from 18 to 28 April in Nabeul. This holiday collection colors of citrus. Anyone will be able to see the process of obtaining the essences of the flowers of citrus plants and can feel the taste of this unforgettable nectar. In the framework of the festival there is also a fair of Souvenirs from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco and other countries.

The art of training of hunting birds have almost disappeared in Europe, but the Tunisian Sokolniki have kept this ancient tradition. In El Hourie Festival is held annually Hawking . it lasts 26–28 June. All the action takes place in an open area, under the drums, and the hunt can be observed on designated monitors. After the feast all the birds released into the wild. A beautiful sight.

A very famous music festival of Tunis — the international jazz festival . held in Tabarka, from 29 June to 7 July.

Carthage international festival of feature films, created in 1962, is held every two years, though at different times. Here in Tunisia in 1970 was created the Federation of African Filmmakers.

Every traveler will be able to feel the atmosphere of the eternal feast of this country. And one thing is certain — you will surprise and delight a rich world amazing, original art and culture of Tunisia.

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