Holidays in the Seychelles

Seychelles: holidays and festivals

State holidays:

1-2 January – New year;

1 may – Labour Day;

5 June – Liberation Day;

June 18 – national day;

29 June – Independence day

Religious holiday celebrated on the state level:

April 2 – good Friday

April 4 – Easter

June 3 – corpus Christi

15 August – assumption of the blessed virgin Mary

November 1 – All Saints day

December 8 – the Immaculate Conception

25 December – Christmas day


The Creole festival is the most significant event in the cultural life of Seychelles. Every year in October in the Seychelles Creole culture is presented in all its diversity. Creole dance, music, visual arts, fashion, cuisine – all this and more awaits visitors to the festival, which lasts a week. From all over the world this festival attracts Creole singers, musicians, dancers, artists.

Deepavali – the festival, signifying the onset of happiness and joy. It is also believed that on this day Lakshmi, goddess of abundance, prosperity and success, and gives a blessing to his followers.

Subios is an annual festival of underwater film and . During the day, guests of the festival will be able to scuba dive and to try myself in this art. And in the evening the festivalfree movies, videos, presentations and lectures by prominent figures in this field

Cultural Bazaar is an event that shows the identity of Seychellois, here you can get acquainted with the island lifestyle to the accompaniment of Creole Serenade.

Bazaar Labrinn is one of the most famous markets, come here to buy vegetables, fruits and local delicacies. In addition, the Bazaar, visitors have the opportunity to buy Souvenirs and traditional snacks and drinks, fully immersed in the atmosphere of Creole culture.

In the South of Mahe island, you’ll be Bazar Ovan, which gives local residents and visitors a great opportunity to take part in a colourful celebration of Creole culture to the fiery rhythms of Creole music.

Bazaar Victoria also conveys the atmosphere of Creole life in the Seychelles. Here you will be able to purchase a variety of products ranging from applied art objects and to exotic culinary delicacies and drinks.

Fishing tournament Marine Marlin Charter – day competition fishing lure. As a rule, the tournament takes place from 03:00 to 17:00, the participants will be awarded prizes in accordance with the type of fish caught, separately awarded to the best team and the team that won second place.

Kavadi – the annual festival of the Hindu community in honor of the war God Murugan. Community members pray and bring gifts to the deity in the form of small pots of milk in exchange for his blessing.

Ecological marathon of healing takes place in February in the Bay Bo Wallonne Mahe island. The aim of the marathon is to popularize the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

Fête de la Francophonie is an event usually held in the 20th of March, the program of the event includes the screening of films, the fair of folk crafts and exhibitions.

Seychelles international carnival held in the capital of Seychelles, Victoria G., and lasts about three days. The carnival attracts participants from all over the world and has been acknowledged is the second largest carnival in the world.

FetAfrik is a festival held in celebration of the Seychelles day, African culture on may 25 of each year.

Regatta Seychelles – a competition in which can participate both professionals and fans of sailing. The regatta lasts for 8 days.

The feast of the ascension of the virgin Mary takes place in the Church on the island of La Digue. This holiday is very popular among the residents of Seychelles who come on La Digue from all the surrounding Islands.

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