Festivals of Europe

What country don’t like to have fun: dance, participate in contests, to sit at the holiday table? Europe is looking forward to guests wishing to extend the carefree joy of summer and get rid of autumn sadness. Joy, music, delicious food is what unites the brightest European festivals.

1. Germany – Oktoberfest

A landmark for all beer lovers festival is held annually in the capital of Bavaria – Munich. The festival program includes concerts, parades, live music, rides, costumed performances, colorful German snacks, but most importantly – gallon unsurpassed Bavarian beer. The festival grounds are 14 large tents, representing the Bavarian brewery, where you can find the best brands of German beer. Fans of fine wines can also choose in tents drink for the soul.

2. Italy – festival of the white truffle

Italian truffles are famous for their size and extraordinary taste and delivered in the best restaurants of the world. In the Italian city of Alba in the autumn as the time the peak of the truffle season. At the festival, there are grocery markets, tastings, workshops, cooking shows, art exhibitions, auctions, racing donkeys and musical performances. Alba during the holiday envelop flavors of Italian spices and hot soups, so a visit to the festival will be of interest not only to lovers of truffles, but also to all fans of culinary art.

3. Ireland – international festival of oysters and seafood

Festival in the coastal town of Galway held since 1954 and is dedicated to the cultural heritage of the city, whose people revere the traditions of the holiday. Every year on the largest oyster festival attracts thousands of visitors to taste the delicious seafood, visit historic sites, participate in culinary conversations and competitions for catching oysters, or just relax on the bright party.

4. France – Chocolate salon

This holiday is designed for the sweet tooth, for which a visit to Paris will be a double pleasure: the beauty of the most romantic city in the world can be combined with a visit to the “tasty” event. Chocolate salon offers all kinds of chocolate, desserts, candy and cookies, made by the best French chefs. Within the festival there are fashion chocolate fashion shows, dance and musical performances, the organizers of which are the countries that produce cocoa, as well as interesting discussions about the subject of holiday – chocolate.

5. Denmark – documentary film Festival

This festival, held in the Danish capital Copenhagen, one of the largest Scandinavian event of this kind and truly a feast for film fans. Each year shows about 200 films, allowing you to explore the history of documentary film, its development and achievements. Some feeds erode traditional notions about television, film and media art. The festival offers discussions, lectures, seminars and parties.

6. Switzerland – Autumn festival

At the Autumn festival held in Lugano, you can enjoy all the beauty and charm of autumn and watch theatrical performances, musical shows, meet culture, art and traditions of Switzerland, to try the local cuisine and buy unusual Souvenirs at the craft fair. Traditional treats at the festival are boar meat, risotto, polenta and wine from local cellars.

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