Children’s parties

Every kid dreams of meeting their favorite characters, because in our world children’s holiday live the most amazing wizards and each of them has extraordinary adventures. The inhabitants of the festive country with friendly mascots will guide children through the enchanted forest and help to overcome all the obstacles that they have prepared a festive country. The award will be fun games and contests.

Our characters are waiting for an invitation from the guys to turn their kid’s birthday party into a real fairy tale. The key to a successful holiday – copyright suits, bright paraphernalia, decorations and music, and genuine emotions animators embodying the tale to life! Offering a wide range of services – parents are free to choose, that love their child!

We can:

Organization and holding children’s birthday parties

The organization of opening kindergartens, shops, centres, venues

New-year matinees

Congratulations to Santa Claus at home

Holding graduation in kindergartens, elementary schools

What we offer:

Wide selection, favorite Your kids, animated characters

The creation of the entourage theme and atmosphere of the holiday in a cafe or at your home

Decoration balloons

Candy Bar, chocolate fountain


Life-size inflatable costumes

The body art

Bubble show “Userange”

Photo shoot with animals

Magic tricks

Master classes

Children’s “Team Building”

Photo quest

“Living postcard” – delivery of gifts, flowers, awards, entertainment heroes

Professional sound

Children’s and teenage discos

Clowns best friends, for the kids, for adults and children in Your party.

The most beautiful Princess will invite all the boys to the magic forest, they learn how to weave long tresses, get acquainted with the forest friends will perform a variety of tasks and have fun from the heart!

Who doesn’t want to play with this little Mermaid Ariel? Exciting contests and dances, meeting with the underwater world, the search for pearls and turning in these fish, that’s what your child wants!

The mischievous mouse Mini cheer your children, fed delicious cheese, talk about their bows, and of course dance known Type-topsy dance!

Brave pirates for the most daring guys, everyone will participate in challenging pirate trials will be taught to tie knot to swim and dive, and of course everyone will find a veritable treasure treasure!

Autonomous robot Bumblebee unique well-known character for each boy. He will reveal the secrets of how to fight the Decepticons, and to protect the planet from the evil Megatron.

Schoolgirls school Monsters will reveal to the young heroes of their secrets, will involve in a real school flash mob and make friends with giant spiders.

The game program based on the famous fairy tale! Cinderella and the Prince at this horse will give an unforgettable holiday that will teach all children to perform household chores, and help Cinderella find the crystal Shoe.

Indian adventure will teach children to make fire, to survive in the jungle, tame animals and much more!

Flight to the moon will take place along with space heroes, a Lunatic and Antropologicas. It’s a journey through colorful planets, space sounds and space food.

Spider-man is a popular character among the boys. The boys charged a great mood that will pass all tests and assignments, and will be able to not get entangled in this web.

All modern guys know who are the angry birds. And the more everyone wants to shoot from a giant slingshot to be in the role of this bird, and to collect as many gudonov for a great game, all this and more for you.

Pinocchio and Malvina

To be in a fairy tale and even to help Malvina Buratino and find the Golden key, to collect a lot of coins, and open the door to fairyland.

Grandfather frost and snow maiden will congratulate your kids and arrange a real holiday, both at home and at school, kindergartens. Your choice of many gaming programs for every taste!

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