A highlight for you?

The highlight of 2014 in the field of astronomy can be called the study of comet Churyumov, said in an interview with radio Baltkom astronomer Ilgonis Wilkes, adding that emotionally it was the most vivid episode.

According to the scientist, the story of the flight of the probe to the comet began long ago about 10 years ago. Reached the comet lander Philae in August of this year.

Therefore, the main expected event for scientists around the world was the descent of the apparatus of Philae on the comet surface, what happened on 12 November. Many people, especially in social networks very closely followed these developments.

“When, finally, the signal was received that the probe descended to the surface of the comet, and people began cheering, opened a bottle of champagne, sounded official congratulations, I suddenly found that this probe has jumped back into space because the gravity on the surface of the comet is negligible. The probe bounced, flew another two hours, fell again, bounced a second time, and only after.

What is contemporary art today sounds like a dying giant, which gradually decomposes and pieces of his dead body fall off and fall on our sinful earth, prove it works, which have become the most outstanding in 2014. The only thing that gives hope is the fact that humus has always been the most fertile ground for new and strong shoots.

In the meantime you can look at what the world and critics call beautiful and meaningful and are trying to convince us normal and sane people that It has to do with a Reasonable, Good, Bright.

Dutch artist Diddo concocted quite ordinary skull. But he concocted from his cocaine bought from the usual pushers. Testing it in the lab, he found the admixture of sugar and even aspirin. The meaning of work – the need to think about that initially-true fills us, and what is introduced.

The most dramatic sporting events of the Dnipropetrovsk region

Remember the most interesting events that the crew of the TV show “Details. Sports” was covered in the past year. Everything that happened in sports Dnepropetrovsk and not without attention “34 channel” – see special review.

In February finished first debut season of the competition entirely new format – Student’s League of judo. It is unique for Ukraine start. Compete in this case University students, not only professionals, but but.

Woman’s Day decided to sum up the expiring year and to recall their most vivid event. Each time we assigned the nomination, and offer you to select the brightest!

very interesting, violent and intense. What pleases me is a good more than bad. Before you a collection of positive events that happened to the city and citizens in the past year. We briefly explain each, but the choice is up to you!

Nomination year

The decoration of the year

Autumn in the city there are many topiary shapes. Opposite the registry office of the spinning girl and the embankment appeared a lion, a ship and a car from plants. Some of them received a lot of criticism, but the majority of the townspeople still liked it.

Event of the year

In the fall, the city held an event of world importance – the Fourth Caspian summit, which gathered the heads of five Caspian States.

Holiday of the year

In January through our city hosted the Olympic torch relay. In the procession.


31 January comes a New year on the Eastern calendar. In China, he was greeted with fireworks and colourful parades. If the flight to China seems to be an expensive undertaking, you can choose a trip to picturesque London Chinatown.


February 20-27, Menton – French town on the Cote d’azur — carnival will cover whether horalka. Here it has a clear lemon in the taste. From this citrus fruit are building giant castles, trees, animals and people.

March 17, 2014-India is painted in all colors of the rainbow; after all, the Holi — the spring festival. On this day people drench each other with water and to shower powder CRA bench. Especially roughly celebrate Holi in Delhi.


April in the UK will be marked the 450th anniversary of birthday of poet and writer William Shakespeare. Of course, the main role in the top sets will be assigned hometown genius — Stratford-upon-Avon (approx 165 km

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