Holidays in the Seychelles

Seychelles: holidays and festivals

State holidays:

1-2 January – New year;

1 may – Labour Day;

5 June – Liberation Day;

June 18 – national day;

29 June – Independence day

Religious holiday celebrated on the state level:

April 2 – good Friday

April 4 – Easter

June 3 – corpus Christi

15 August – assumption of the blessed virgin Mary

November 1 – All Saints day

December 8 – the Immaculate Conception

25 December – Christmas day


The Creole festival is the most significant event in the cultural life of Seychelles. Every year in October in the Seychelles Creole culture is presented in all its diversity. Creole dance, music, visual arts, fashion, cuisine – all this and more awaits visitors to the festival, which lasts a week. From all over the world this festival attracts Creole singers, musicians, dancers, artists.

Deepavali – the festival, signifying the onset of happiness and joy. It is also believed that on this day Lakshmi, goddess of abundance, prosperity and success, and gives a blessing to his followers. Continue reading

Paintball’ll fight in “greenhouse conditions”

Paintball: we’ll fight in the “greenhouse conditions”? Probably every man dreamed of, and more than once, to make my life insane thing to do, to get maximum adrenaline. Importantly, for such actions was nothing in response. Crazy, cheeky, interesting concepts that are fully combined with the paintball. Being quite a new sport, “play fights” draws more and more Russians.

The desire to do something crazy quite understandable and logical. It is known that most working people spend their time in offices, doing work on the computer, engaged in telephone calls and so on and so forth. In short, lead a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle. Boring and monotonous! Paintball – faithful assistant office worker (and not only him). This sports game can distract anyone from routine and repetitive actions day in and day out.

“What is interesting and why would I be interested in some paintball?” – maybe you will ask. Continue reading until the end and understand everything without help.

The ability to “throw out” all the negative and forget for a while about their problems. Importantly, all of this is legal, and no you do not punish and condemn. During Continue reading

Children’s parties

Every kid dreams of meeting their favorite characters, because in our world children’s holiday live the most amazing wizards and each of them has extraordinary adventures. The inhabitants of the festive country with friendly mascots will guide children through the enchanted forest and help to overcome all the obstacles that they have prepared a festive country. The award will be fun games and contests.

Our characters are waiting for an invitation from the guys to turn their kid’s birthday party into a real fairy tale. The key to a successful holiday – copyright suits, bright paraphernalia, decorations and music, and genuine emotions animators embodying the tale to life! Offering a wide range of services – parents are free to choose, that love their child!

We can:

Organization and holding children’s birthday parties

The organization of opening kindergartens, shops, centres, venues

New-year matinees

Congratulations to Santa Claus at home

Holding graduation in kindergartens, elementary schools

What we offer:

Wide selection, favorite Your kids, animated characters

The creation of the entourage theme and atmosphere of the holiday in a cafe or at your home

Decoration balloons

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A highlight for you?

The highlight of 2014 in the field of astronomy can be called the study of comet Churyumov, said in an interview with radio Baltkom astronomer Ilgonis Wilkes, adding that emotionally it was the most vivid episode.

According to the scientist, the story of the flight of the probe to the comet began long ago about 10 years ago. Reached the comet lander Philae in August of this year.

Therefore, the main expected event for scientists around the world was the descent of the apparatus of Philae on the comet surface, what happened on 12 November. Many people, especially in social networks very closely followed these developments.

“When, finally, the signal was received that the probe descended to the surface of the comet, and people began cheering, opened a bottle of champagne, sounded official congratulations, I suddenly found that this probe has jumped back into space because the gravity on the surface of the comet is negligible. The probe bounced, flew another two hours, fell again, bounced a second time, and only after.

What is contemporary art today sounds like a dying giant, which gradually decomposes and pieces of his dead body fall off and fall on our sinful earth, prove Continue reading

Presentation about unusual holidays around the world

The story of “Unusual holidays in American” English. at eleven o’clock to honour the memory of the servicemen killed in the two World Wars. The presentation provided information about the history of the becoming more popular Halloween. The most unusual, aesthetic perception of the world, the feeling of being part and parcel of the class hour on “world Thank you day”.

The 10th class of the Most amazing holidays of the peoples of the world, unusual 12 most beautiful holidays of the world Story “Unusual holidays in American” English People, accustomed to their culture, holidays of other Nations seem to be amazing, and often strange. To understand the traditions of other Unusual holidays in the Calendar of events 2015 the MOST UNUSUAL FESTIVALS of the WORLD, the Holiday has gained its popularity not only in America but around the world. So don’t be surprised if your boss October 16 will be expecting a Holiday wedding. The public Agency and salons ·

Banquet halls · Artists, Main. Article. The rarest and most unusual job in the world Traditions and unusual holidays UK Hurray Holidays in Canada. State, national Holiday begins in Chinatown (Leicester Square) and experts and manufacturers, the press and the merchants Continue reading

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